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  1. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Top 5 Places to See Wildlife

    One of the best things about going on holiday is seeing things you would never normally get the chance to see back home. This could come in the form of cultural traditions, ancient ruins or eclectic marketplaces, among other things. But, perhaps the most exciting thing of all to see on holiday is exotic wildlife. Continue reading…

  2. Posted
    by Edgar van der Meer

    What Does Your VIP Premier Membership Include?

    If you travel a lot or you want to significantly improve the quality of your one-off journeys then you might want to consider investing in a VIP Upgrades Premier Membership. But, what is VIP Upgrades and how exactly can a membership help you? VIP Upgrades is a travel service that is dedicated to making your Continue reading…

  3. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Travels

    There is a well-known quote in the travel world that says: “travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. It sounds painfully cliché but it really is true. People that travel have their eyes opened to new cultures and develop an appreciation for just how incredible and diverse the world is. But, Continue reading…

  4. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Art Basel Miami

    Art Basel started up back in the 1970s when three enthusiastic gallerists put on an international art fair in Basel, Switzerland. Around 16,000 people turned up to admire dozens of galleries and the entire affair was a roaring success. Since then the Art Basel fairs have gone from strength to strength and are now held Continue reading…