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  1. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    5 Travel Scams You Need To Look Out For

    Travel is one of the most enriching experiences you can have. However, it is not all beach cocktails and ancient ruins. As much as we all wish this wasn’t the case, there is a small minority of people out there who target clueless tourists with incredibly devious scams. Normally, this means simply getting money out Continue reading…

  2. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    6 Ways Budapest Will Blow You Away

    Budapest is, hands down, one of the best cities in Europe. It is a beautiful city, rich with culture and history and (fun fact) did you know the city is actually made up of two different cities- Buda and Pest? They just combined the names together to form what we all now refer to as Continue reading…

  3. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

    After booking flights and the first couple of nights of accommodation for your journey, you might be asking yourself: Is travel insurance worth it? When you’ve just spent so much money on other things, it can be hard to then part with another chunk of cash on something you might not even need. Travel insurance Continue reading…

  4. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    5 Essential Skills You Develop While You Travel

    It is amazing how much you can learn by spending a few months on the road. While some label travelling as an excuse to float around the world doing nothing, this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Without even thinking about it, you develop a huge amount when you travel. You encounter situations that Continue reading…