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  1. Posted
    by Edgar van der Meer

    Top 4 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018

    There is no greater thing than travelling to foreign lands and experiencing new cultures. Unfortunately, travel doesn’t come for free. Once your flights have been paid for along with any visas you might need and travel insurance, you could well have already spent several hundreds pounds. And that’s before you’ve even set foot in your Continue reading…

  2. Posted
    by Edgar van der Meer

    5 Travel Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

    Unless you are flying first class, long-haul flights can be a real drag. You’re stuck in a metal tube, whizzing through the sky at an unfathomable speed, wedged into a narrow seat with your legs contorted as they try to fit into the leg-room provided. Ok, it isn’t as bad as I’m making out. And, Continue reading…

  3. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    How Does the World Celebrate Easter?

    Easter is coming up and we are all looking forward to having a bit of time off work while schools are out. This time of the year is celebrated differently all over the world. While we indulge in Easter egg hunts and eat our body weight in chocolate, other countries view the holiday through a Continue reading…