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  1. Posted
    by Joanna Fox

    Top 5 Fanciest Hotel Rooms in the World

    If you could stay in the fanciest hotel room in the world, where would it be? Where are the best VIP hotel rooms.On the off chance that you’re not willing to spend $50,000 a night, read on anyway so you can at least pretend you’re in one of these magnificent, palatial suites. There’s no better motivator for Continue reading…

  2. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

    After booking flights and the first couple of nights of accommodation for your journey, you might be asking yourself: Is travel insurance worth it? When you’ve just spent so much money on other things, it can be hard to then part with another chunk of cash on something you might not even need. Travel insurance Continue reading…

  3. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    The Most Spectacular Treks in the World

    Trekking is always so much better than we imagine it’s going to be. Spending multiple days walking through the wilderness with a heavy pack on your back certainly isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your vacation, but when you’re doing it, there’s nowhere in the world you would rather be. We spend so much Continue reading…

  4. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    6 Great Destinations to Visit as a Couple

      Traveling with your significant other is one of the best ways to really enhance your relationship. Away from the stresses of every day life, the two of you can spend some quality time together – an essential factor for a successful relationship. Now you’ve decided you want to go away somewhere with your significant Continue reading…

  5. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Five tips for taking carry-on only

    A smart traveller knows what to take along with them on a trip and what to leave behind. Airlines are squeezing ever more revenue out of their passengers by charging for such things as baggage. We’ve put together a list of some of the things you, as a savvy traveller, can do to pack light Continue reading…

  6. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Stopover Destinations

    Sometimes they are planned, but sometimes they just happen to be unavoidable; long layovers. Iceland is one of the countries that has actually made a segment of its tourism industry depend on it. Icelandair and Wow both offer travellers the opportunity to include a stopover in the country at no additional cost in airfare. Of Continue reading…

  7. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Finding a Boutique Hotel

    One of the major advantages the Boutique Hotel brands offered by the major chains have is their visibility. They are listed on not only their own websites, but feature by default on sites such as and Expedia. These hotels have the klout of their parent companies to generate bookings. What about the independent boutique Continue reading…

  8. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    The Best Hotels in Las Vegas

    When translated, Las Vegas literally means: The Meadows. Contemporary travellers will be forgiven for failing to see the resemblance on what has now become the strip and the surrounding city area. Nestled in a valley with mountains on all sides, the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have been a popular tourist destination Continue reading…

  9. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    Boutique Hotels

    The term boutique in the English language epitomizes fashionable, upscale, unique, and independent lifestyles. Boutiques tap into a niche of the market and distinguish themselves from the bigger players who cater to a wider audience. When it comes to hotels, boutique hotels are not about the product but about the experience. Boutique hotels aim to Continue reading…

  10. Posted
    by Vincent I. Porter

    How to Obtain Elite Hotel Frequent Stay Status…..Quickly

    Much like airlines, hotels provide elite status to their most loyal members with a range of benefits and services. But what if you are switching brands, or your travel patterns change; you don’t want to start from a basic level again. Here are some ways to get Elite status at some of the major hotel Continue reading…