Membership Levels

The VIP Upgrades programme contains 3 exciting and exclusive membership levels: Elite, Platinum, and Premier. Membership in the Elite tier is free. See below for details of all levels.

Elite Membership

  • Premium Airport Lounge Access
  • Car Rental Upgrades
  • Preferred Rates & Members only benefits
  • Hotel Benefits
  • Smart Traveller Series services
  • VIP Status Matching
  • VIP Baggage Tracing Service
  • Access to Sold-Out Sports Events, Concerts, Shows
  • Many more exciting VIP benefits

Platinum Membership

  • All Elite benefits, plus
  • Premium Car Rental and CDP
  • Premium Hotel Top Tier Hotel Status and Booking Codes
  • Platinum VIP Baggage Tracing

Premier Membership

  • All Platinum benefits, plus
  • Additional Premium Lounge Access
  • Travel Insurance (with the option to increase coverage)
  • Membership Card for greater recognition
  • Complimentary Air Miles, Upgrades, and Travel Perks