About VIP


VIP Upgrades is designed to recognise ALL travellers with a range of priority travel services, lounge access, and upgrades that make your travel as comfortable, economical, and seamless as possible. Whether you travel once a week or once a decade, VIP Upgrades is for you. Free Elite Membership has its perks.


When you join VIP Upgrades the benefits start straight away. Your membership begins as an ELITE Member, where your instant benefits include:

  • VIP Air Benefits such as Premium Airport Lounge Access (through discounted memberships, etc)
  • VIP Ground Benefits such as Car Rental Upgrades, Preferred Rates & Members only benefits
  • VIP Hotel Benefits such as immediate Elite Status hotel programme memberships
  • The Airfare Search engine that your travel agent uses
  • Unrestricted Access to VIP Upgrades’ “Smart Traveller” Series (with new titled being added all the time)
  • How to get upgraded on the airplane
  • How to get the best seat on the Airplane
  • How to get cheaper airfares
  • How the get free frequent flyer status in airlines/hotels
  • VIP Status Matching
  • And many more exciting VIP topics.