by Vincent I. Porter

Why should you visit Canada in 2020

We are writing a new series of places to visit in 2020. Where do you want to go next? Have you ever visited Canada in the summer? It is a big country and there is much diversity from East to West and therefore the choice is not simple. We are focusing on the cottage country of Ontario, more specifically the area close to the city of Toronto. It has many beautiful lakes and much spectacular scenery. So why should you visit Canada in 2020?

Cottage country is dotted with beautiful lakes, small charming cottages and large luxurious ones. If you like the great outdoors it is a must. When referring to the  cottage country around Toronto we are talking about  Muskoka, the Kawarthas, Georgetown or  Haliburton. The space and landscape is quite amazing.If you come from European cities like London, Paris, Rome, it is quite hard to grasp how vast it is. One provincial park like Algonquin Park in Ontario is larger than Wales in the UK.

The other benefits are that it is peaceful, tranquil and remote. You are surrounded by beautiful scenery, wildlife – moose, bears, it is the great outdoors. If you are keen on water sports it is truly heaven – sailing , kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing, waterboarding, fishing. Your long days are spent with few distractions other than enjoying your dip in the lake, boating around the lake, participating in water sports and enjoying a wonderful BBQ at the end of the day.

There are many options and choices of where to stay. You can of course rent a cottage but there are many great resort options. The resorts allow you to experience all the benefits of being in cottage country with all the comforts of a resort, such as swimming pools, a spa, a great choice of restaurants, golf,  water sports, organised activities for the kids and varied and wonderful accommodation.

Take a look at these resorts:

Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka

Taboo Muskoka Reseort :

Take a look at these summer camps for kids:

The Taylor Statten Camps

Camp Wapomeo for Girls

Camp Ahmek for Boys

Let us know if you have been to Canada. Where did you go, what did you experience? Is it on your bucket list?

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