by Vincent I. Porter

Everything You Need for the Perfect Road Trip

For decades, the road trip has been one of the most popular types of vacation for young people, old people and families alike. The freedom that comes with cruising around in your own vehicle is unparalleled and it is exactly this that we find so appealing. If we see something of interest, we don’t have to simply carry on past it, wondering what it was. We can pull over, get out of the car, and spend as long as we like exploring it.

It is hard to get a road trip wrong. You are in complete control, which means you ultimately end up doing exactly what you want. What could be better right? But, there are definitely things you should take along with you to turn your road trip quality up to 11.

A Plan

The last thing you want to do is to waste your vacation driving around aimlessly so you need a decent idea of where you are going to go. Go on to Google maps and plan yourself a route along with some stops you want to make along the way. Remember that just because you have a plan doesn’t mean it is set in stone. It is absolutely fine if you deviate from this, but it is useful to have as a back up.

An Amazing Playlist

Songs have an incredible ability to transport us back in time and help us relive our most powerful memories. Creating a killer playlist will not only make the hours of driving more enjoyable, but they will be pivotal in the formation of your memories of this trip. In a year’s time you will listen to that same playlist and remember all the amazing experiences you had on the road.

Piles of Snacks

Driving around the country or continent is hungry work so you should make sure you are fully stocked up with snacks before you set off. Of course, you’re going to want bags of crisps, chocolates, biscuits and the other usual suspects, but you should also think about taking bananas, nuts, and carrot sticks so you don’t reach your first stop feeling bloated and gross.

A Good GPS

We live in an age where map-reading is essentially obsolete. In fact, most young people would freak out if you tried to make them read a paper map. Get yourself a good GPS that you can stick to your windscreen. Plug in your coordinates and follow the wisdom of your device. While this stops you from getting lost and stumbling across hidden gems, it also stops you from getting lost and wasting your time and petrol trying to work out where the heck you are.

Sleeping Bags & Pillows

There may well be a night when you have no idea where the nearest motel is and you’re in desperate need of some shut eye. The best thing to do in this scenario is to pull over somewhere discrete and have a snooze in your car. This is unlikely to be the most comfortable night of your life, but it is better than falling asleep at the wheel. Taking sleeping bags and pillows will make the experience infinitely better. So, just put your seat down and relax.

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