by Vincent I. Porter

Lost Bags

Secrets of a First Class Traveller


Waiting endlessly at baggage reclaim only to see the same bags circle, none of them yours is an occurence no traeller wishes to have to experience; but it does happen. In the United States, the Department of Transportation publishes statistics monthly on airlines’ performance and one of the indicators is howmay bags are mishandled. This month, the DOT reported that 2.93 bags per 1000 passengers were reported as mishandled. Among the best carriers in the US is Virgin America, which saw fewer than 1 report per 1000 passengers of their bags not joining their owners at the destination.
Regional Carriers Expressjet and Envoy Air have the unenviable bottom positions in the list (Page 30)Travel insurance is a great way to make sure that should this happen, you can at least not worry about having to make expenses at the fault of the airline. However, of course you would like to be reunited with your bag. VIP Upgrades offers a luggage tracking service which enables people and airlines that find your bag, to contact you quickly and effectively so that you can be reunited with your posessions. Have a look at our lost luggage page accessed through the menu at the top, or by clicking here for more info. This facility is offered to all of our members free of charge and registration is simple.

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